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About Community Management…

I´m reading a very interesting study done by the Community Roundtable (

It is about the role of Community Management, Digital Content and Social Network around the world. I will like to share this text, written as an introduction by Aaron Strout. I found it simple and even if we see this subject all the time is worth it to remember why this activity has become so successful. I’ll be posting more about this Research later…

“In spite of recent articles and research pointing to the fact that many branded online communities have not evolved, I’m bullish on the fact that we will see a blossoming of successful community examples in 2010. However, in order to succeed, there are four steps that companies must think through before enjoying success — all of which speak to the need for strong community management:

1. A well thought-out strategy. Who are the people a community is trying to attract? Be careful of being exclusionary. How do they plan to engage them? What value will they deliver and what is the company’s value proposition?

2. Great content. While consumer-generated content has its place, brand-contributed content that is educational and lifestyle-oriented is a key catalyst in helping to drive community loyalty.

3. Strong management. This can come in the form of moderation, but in many cases, requires someone to lead the charge. This someone nurtures and tends to the community needs and ideally helps foster conversation.

4. Integration with third-party social networks, blogs and other relevant Web 2.0 properties.

These concepts (and more) are captured in The State of Community Management, an important and timely compilation of ideas and lessons learned from The Community Roundtable.”

by Aaron Strout,  State of Community Management – 2010, From Recognition to Exploration.



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